Behold, Benevierre, the shirt-slinging sensation! Our journey began with a website redesign - their old site was as lively as a doornail. Fast forward years, and we're still riding the style wave, giving their online presence a snazzy facelift. They're the cool cats on the block, making waves in music, art, and TV. With stars sporting their threads, this brand's future? It's bound to be as chic as a runway catwalk!


UX/UI Designer and E-commerce Manager

User Research / User Testing / Customer Journey Definition / Personas Definition / UX Design / UI Design / Development / E-commerce Managing

june 2020 - september 2023

Before the master came along, there was a very first website, very hastily made and without any concept of performance or design or usability. To be clear, it was a B2C website with a VAT number request in the purchase form, and no shopping cart... You get the idea, everything had to be redone from scratch.

The brand was in its infancy, and so was its digital presence, including the website and social media. We started with a study of the current and desired customer, and then acted with various targeted actions to achieve the goals outlined, since along with my work on the site, work also started on the marketing and the more precise definition of the brand.


my methodology always starts by following and keeping in mind two dogmas for me: following the steps of 'Design Thinking' combined with touching as many points as possible of the 'Good design principles' by Dieter Rams.

my methodology always starts by following and keeping in mind two dogmas for me: following the steps of 'Design Thinking' combined with touching as many points as possible of the 'Good design principles' by Dieter Rams.

understanding the problem

before I start making the cool stuff, I'm not an artist but a designer, so we have to understand the problem in depth, and then solve it in the most wonderful way possible. what we needed was an e-commerce where the brand could tell its story, sell the dream to the user and then sell the actual product, in the simplest way possible in terms of usability but at the same time making the user fall in love.

questions and to-do list:

who Benevierre is

who the current customer is

what the customer wants

what the customer's passions are

who we want to be the future customer

define the customer journey

study competitors and brands we would like to reach

test the site with target users

A/B testing to confirm or deny some key solutions

test some important decisions and their success

performance checks

Dude, you know, I obviously can't tell you sensitive, research data for a client, but I can tell you that certain issues have come up from the data collected, and based on that, I've started designing. I'll give you a hypothetical example: if it had emerged that users were struggling to complete a purchase, you could fix the experience related to placing a product in the cart, or where and how the cart icon is, or how the cart page looks.

you understand, it's very "simple", data appears from a research, i analyze them, and then the cool graphics you see are designed in such a way that they solve the problem that had or could have the user, avoid further problems or problems already known, and in this case convert to the maximum of our ability.

After collecting data from research and interviews with users and possible customers, market research and competitors, we created an affinity diagram and listed the different tasks with which we divided the project in order to work organised and define sprints with goals. in short, after all this data, numbers and stuff, now I can finally do the cool f*cking graphics.

Here we are!! I finally started to put my hands on what you see online. I started as I said from the problems, so that in the new site there were no and indeed, more, with the aim of making the experience better and better.

to avoid not realizing consistent design, to be sure that the customer is in line with my thinking, to design at best, you always start from a wireframe. whether they are whole pages, small sections or even individual elements, always better to start from a wireframe than directly realizing the final graphics.

I conducted usability testing sessions with selected users and customers to validate whether or not the design of the new website solved their previous problems, see how they used the site and whether it was different from what we had in mind, how easy it was to do some actions, how much a person who already knew the brand understood that this was the new site, what emotions and thoughts aroused instead on new customers.

We're at the end of the line.

I continued the project by dressing the wireframe. At this point I already have in mind how to do it and it's just a matter of proceeding and making fantastic experiences! since I am a fan of precision and organization, I adore when it's time to make the desing system, also because it means making the design easily maintainable and upgradeable. imagine a component connected to the design where with a click, if I correct a button, I correct them all. This is one of the many reasons why I love and do design systems. another, to understand, is to have well organized and visually visible every possible variant of typography or assets/tokens of the entire design. to design I use Figma almost always, but if it is not a project that I realize alone, I can align myself with the use of any software we decide to use. I'm versatile friend.


Once I finished the whole project, I made an animated mockup (usually with videos made in after effects) and then brag to the customer about how cool the final result is and see together that everything is perfect. if so, and the customer does not bother, you move on to development. in this project I realized the development (because yes, I can do that too maaaan).

So? since the release of the website we have always received positive feedback and congratulations on how user-friendly it is. Over the years we are listening to customers, adding new features; the site is evolving collection after collection, while maintaining a precise identity. If you're looking for some incredible shirts for this summer, you've finally found it. plus: they have a fabulous site!